We work on all aspects of muscles, ligaments, joints and bones. This can include neck and back pain, sports injuries or post surgery treatment

Women’s Health

Our specially trained physiotherapist can help and advise women on many aspects of their healthcare. Pre and post pregnancy treatment as well as incontinence treatment can be done

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Build up of excess fluid in the soft tissue can occur due to a variety of reasons. Our therapists are medically trained in the Vodder technique to get the best results for our patients

Posture Correction

This is the most common type of origin of poor posture. It happens because of continuous bad positions we use in activities of daily living that create the muscle imbalances over time.

Corporate Services

The World Health Organization(WHO) estimates that 70-90% of all people will experience back or neck pain at some point in their life.

Exercise and Classes

Assess each client before starting a new exercise program to determine any underlying risk factors for injury or specific precautions.

Meet our Team of Therapists

Marcel Schmidt

Marcel likes to incorporate physiotherapy and exercise physiology in treating his patients. He has worked with sports teams from...

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Hafsa Sliman

Hafsa has many years of specialization in women’s health issues. This ranges from pre & post­natal physiotherapy care, urinary incontinence ...

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Hened Choueiry

Hened has many years of experience of treating patients in Dubai. She firmly believes in exercise as part of the rehabilitation process and...

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Krisztina Jolsvai

As a qualified physiotherapist and a hatha yoga teacher, I am working to push the boundaries of physiotherapy in a safe ...

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