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Our Team of Therapists

Our team consists of highly skilled therapists that have international experience and training. They are dedicated to the well-being of their patients and will have a holistic and comprehensive approach to all your treatment and well-being needs. They are open to, and welcome, any questions you may have regarding your condition, treatment or rehabilitation as it is important that you, the patient, are involved in all aspects of your treatment.

Marcel Schmidt

Marcel likes to incorporate physiotherapy and exercise physiology in treating his patients. He has worked with sports teams from...

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Hafsa Sliman

Hafsa has many years of specialization in women’s health issues. This ranges from pre & post­natal physiotherapy care, urinary incontinence ...

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Hened Choueiry

Hened has many years of experience of treating patients in Dubai. She firmly believes in exercise as part of the rehabilitation process and...

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Krisztina Jolsvai

As a qualified physiotherapist and a hatha yoga teacher, I am working to push the boundaries of physiotherapy in a safe ...

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We offer a number of careers in an exciting clinical setting. We create an environment that motivates and inspires our Physios to...

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