Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is often used during a treatment session to decrease muscle spasm, increase muscle and tendon flexibility, and increase circulation to the area being treated.

The therapist will use a combination of massage techniques including methods from Classical massage, Swedish massage and Shiatsu. The depth and intensity of the massage techniques will depend on the results required. For severe pain and nerve conditions the treatment will be less intense and soothing, whereas the deeper techniques are used for stiffness and more chronic problems.



In addition to the more classical massage techniques, the therapists will often use trigger point therapy to decrease muscle spasm. This involves applying pressure on specific points in the muscles to force the muscle to relax by causing biochemical and neurological changes to the muscle. The treatment is very effective in relaxing muscle but can be very uncomfortable when deep treatment is required.

Cross friction techniques are also used, mostly on tendons and ligaments to loosen adhesions and scar tissue. It is a very deep massage technique that is done by rubbing across the tendon and can be painful. The tissue is then more flexible and can then respond better to stretching and strengthening techniques.